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Harvest 3 ​Gathering, LLC 

Education ~ Revelation ~ Transformation

"Planting Seeds for Transformation"

Harvest 3 Gathering LLC

 Life Balance? 

Does this image reflect your current life story? Events, issues, situations, occurances, hurts, dissapointments;  life's traumas have flooded you with feelings that have left you unbalanced and unable to function in your fullest capacity. The fact of the matter life comes at you fast and you find yourself down on the scale of life over come by the experiences of life more often than not ... You are among many who are seeking a healthy wholistic  purpose-filled life balance. 

With dedicated  time, safe space, and "the want to" for change,  your unique healthy life balance can be uncovered in partnership with a therapist that provides individual-centered, evidence-based counseling methods. 


Let Us Assist You In Pursuing A Healthy Life Balance! 

Our Mission

Harvest 3 Gathering, LLC Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting provides meaningful effective strength-based and culturally competent psychosocial interventions designed uniquely for you to  thrive. Our overarching goal is to work collaboratively with individuals to uncover ways to address unbalanced, life debilitating symptoms with holistic wellness strategies that assist you in understanding and executing you unique purpose to make a difference in you life.  

Our Vision

Harvest 3 Gathering LLC strives to create safe and inclusive spaces to advance dynamic, psychoeducational empowering, and transformational experiences where lifelong learning about self and others is paramount.

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