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Discover the Values That Differentiate You

Therapy Programs

Our day-to-day situations can be overwhelming.  At Harvest 3 Gathering Counseling, Counseling and Consulting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,  we facilitate therapy programs to help you understand yourself and address such situations to make positive life changes.

Treatment Approach

Types of Therapy

        • Client/ Agency-Centered Approach
        • Brainspotting
        • Cognitive Based Therapy
        • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
        • Reality Therapy
        • Evidence-Based Intergrative Therapy Approach


        • Grief
        • Life Adjustment
        • Cultural and Generational Trauma
        • Emotional Intelligence
        • Inter-Group Relationship
        • Life Transitions
        • Self Care
        • Self-Esteem
        • College & Career Readiness
        • Pre-Maritial 
        • Women's Issues
        • Faith Based Services 
        •  Leadership Development
        • Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Excellence 

 Serving Individuals, Couples, and Groups 


Therapy can assist you with the following:

      • Anxiety
      • Career confusion
      • Cultural identity and expression
      • Depression
      • Grief/Loss
      • Interpersonal conflicts
      • Relationship challenges
      • Neglect or lack of self-care
      • Low Self-esteem
      • Stress
      • Trauma
      • Cultural Trauma
      • Women Issues  

Couples and Relationships:

Couples and relationship counseling can help you:

  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional Reconnection
  • Affirm/Renew Comminment
  • Cultivate Strong Resilient Bond
  • Cultivate Opportunities For Shared Learning
  • Development Thoughtful Exploration of Yourself
  • Understand One Another and Strengths and Vulnerabilities in Relationship
  • Understand and Express Needs Authentically

Groups and Workshops


GROUP Session

Self-Compassion: Living Your Blessed Life

GROUP Session

S.T.Y.L.E. (Substantive Tools Yield Leadership Enhancement) Leadership Development

GROUP Session

What About Emotional Intelligence? 

GROUP Session

The B.O.M.B. (Becoming One Marriage Builder) 

Work Shops

What About Race Relations?

What's Spit Got To Do With It? 

The Psychology Of Diversity Equity & Inclusion


More ... Contact Me at for mre information  

Our Core Values:

Empathy - We strive to act with compassion toward every person.

Trust – strive to uphold the highest standards of stewardship, honesty, transparency and integrity in all that we do.

Respect - We strive to have all who encounter feel cared for, encouraged, and uplifted.

Integrity - We strive to do our work in ways that honor our children and our ancestors. We will not be compromised or co-opted.

Inclusion – We strive to create an environment of inclusivity as a means of expanding our learning opportunities and understanding of self, and global and human connections.

Agency – We strive to empower everyone to speak their own voice and write their own narrative.

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